Apples are well known, but considered boring by the public. They needed a campaign to reignite interest and to keep it top of mind. ​​​​​​​
Apples, sweet or sour? This iconic fruit might have a wholesome all-American reputation, but what did they go through before coming to your grocery store? What’s their backstory? Have a taste of the sweet gossip yourself. ​​​​​​​

Surprisingly Scandalous
Create a hotline/chatbot people can call for the juicy gossip on apples. 
Call Script for Hotline
Press one to hear a juicy tidbit I heard….
Wanna hear more? Press one for apples. 

They pretend to be all American, but I heard that they were originally from Kazakhstan. Can you believe it? I knew they were hiding something? 

Did you know they are still picked by hand? So dirty. I only trust food that’s been processed by machines. 

Glenda’s agent told me that apples represented the original sin. Who does she think she is? 

They’re everywhere because they have a really good marketing department. Where does all this money come from? 

It has more fiber than a cup of oatmeal. I’m pretty sure they had some work done to do that. Plastic surgery anyone? 

Have a taste of the secret yourself. Go to to sign up for a tasting experience.​​​​​​​
Mystery Box Point of Sale
The produce section is boring. Let’s cover the apple section with mystery boxes so buyers need to reach into the depths to find this scandal.
Murder Mystery Activation
We’ll host a murder mystery dinner in an apple orchard. What’s on the menu? Melodramatic acting, murder, and three courses featuring the star ingredient – apples.
Fruit Cart Guerilla
Fruit carts are an iconic part of Southern California, but they never have apples. Let’s causes a minor stir by giving apples to vendors to be included in fruit cups covered with delicious tajin and chamoy.
AD/Co-concepter: Leslie Gomez
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