Caught ink-handed!

Caught ink-handed!

In early 2019, I found a risograph for sale at a Glendale print shop. It’s now part of my life and you’ll find me on the weekends making prints and smudging up my apartment with ink. 

For the uninitiated, the risograph looks like a regular printer, but works like a screen printer. A fun side effect is that I have to make fifty of everything I print. It's a convenient excuse to surprise my friends and coworkers with free prints!

I make zines and prints in my free time and table at various zinefests in the LA metro area! I do this for fun, and have decided to not to make money from this. Here’s a small sampling of things I’ve designed and printed. If you like anything, let me know! I probably have twenty of them laying around. 

More fun!

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