Silver at The One Club Creative Bootcamp LA 2019
Truth wanted teens to know that vaping isn't safe. Teens are blasé about health effects and don't even know vapes contain nicotine.  
Give teens an excuse to cuss when offered a vape. Be ironic, but emphasize how vaping affects them socially. 
Vaping is nicotine repackaged for teens. Thicc clouds might be – * a e s t h e t i c * – but we’re calling vape clouds for what they really are – fog. Everything around vaping is foggy, from research, to funding, to even its contents. We’re urging teens to tell vapes to #FogOff because if this is a #Sponsored #Ad, it should at least be earnest and irreverent.

Skippable ads are an understood but annoying part of Youtube and Instagram. We made ads for these platforms where the skipping the fog is encouraged. This enforces the behavior without proselytizing.  

Truth can also create a giveaway where ‘true fans’ can receive a #FogOff phone fan to stay cool and clear up the fog​​​​​​​ after signing up for an email list. 
Strat: Linnea Goodman, Luisa Laurelli, & Johnny Thai
AD: Stephanie Ayala

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