ARCO Radio & Web

ARCO Radio & Web

ARCO gas needed to further extend their existing champaign to include new language about engine benefits. The current campaign centers on humorously making idioms literal.  
Create content that can be understood with or without prior knowledge of the refreshed campaign. We researched a separate set of audio-friendly idioms for the radio spots, and leveraged the new visuals for the website. 
These are my first broadcast spots! From researching idioms, to writing scripts, to casting and recording. This was a fun process. 
Penny :30 (Stick around for the button at the very end!)

Pudding :30

For their website, ARCO needed new copy to match the TV Spots. Striking a cord between informational and comedic was a tricky but fun task. 
Senior/Supervising Copywriter: Eric Aldama

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